Tiered for any scale.

Our tiered product offering combines our tools, tech and expertise to meet business needs of any size. Whether you need a simple chatbot or a highly-intelligent, multifunctional and multilingual agent that can understand your users and perform transactions, Feersum Engine has a solution within its feature set.



The standard set of features and the heart of Feersum Engine

  • Core engine

  • Agent builder

  • Basic FAQ

  • Dashboard

  • User profile


Build a deeper understanding to help your customers.

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Opinion mining

  • Geo-analytics

  • Call centre integration

  • Customer self-service

  • Employee support

  • Multiple languages


Let customers take key actions in just a few messages.

  • HSM

  • Catalogue

  • Commerce

  • Employee management 

  • API access 

  • Transactions


Optimise your offerings based on your customers’ real needs.

  • Customer retention

  • Cross sell

  • Personalisation

  • Computer Vision


Customisable options from Feersum Engine.

Need something bespoke that’s specific to your business? Get in touch and help us understand your business and user needs, and we’d be happy to partner with you to create a bespoke solution.