Mobile means scale.

With the exponential explosion of growth in mobile usage and conversational platforms, it’s getting easier and easier to reach bigger audiences – users in frontier markets who want to communicate and transact easily.



Feersum Engine is possibility.

Feersum Engine’s AI-powered technology automates high-volume sales and service transactions on mobile, meaning you could reach millions more people in less time, with less effort.

Channel-agnostic AI.

Most – if not all – of your customers are likely to use WhatsApp as their primary communication tool. Feersum Engine’s Intelligent Agents integrate with WhatsApp and other pre-existing apps and platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Twitter.




Feersum Engine’s Natural Language Processing and Understanding capabilities allow it to listen and respond to users in all 11 official South African languages.

Clients we’ve partnered with using Feersum Engine.

From retail clients with transactional needs to self-service clients who want to make things easier for their users, Feersum Engine has partnered with businesses in multiple industries. Here are some of our clients and partners: